Wanna be great?

We’re here to help you unpack the human programming that holds you back, share insights about how others have transformed their lives, and guide you on a journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

Who the hell are we?

We’re a corporate dropout turned seasoned executive coach and a young, sober, entrepreneur exploring what behaviors, attitudes, and tactics create greatness. We’re sharing the lessons that have changed our lives, and we’ll be talking to people that have weathered the storms of transformation to achieve greatness in various areas of their personal and professional lives.

What we’re talking about…

Every week, we have an hour long “coaching” call where we share wisdom and experience with one another, explore topics and situations that are affecting our personal and professional lives, and layout the framework for transofration. Oftentimes, something emerges that we could not have created independently. Our goal is to share our experience, our friendship, and our process of collaborating across generations. We hope you’ll join us.

Looking Good, Avoid Looking Bad

Today, I’m in Venice Beach, California. People peacock here like almost no other place on earth. Walking down the boardwalk, you see every shape, color, and costume imaginable. Hipsters walk by with their manicured moustaches, bodybuilders with biceps nearly popping...

Human Software

Human beings are like machines operating with a variety of software systems - always running in the background. Our brains make countless decisions all day: we judge, we analyze, we perform. Oftentimes, our focus is on one software program: we’re writing, we’re...

The Right Wrong Trap

Imagine this rectangle is the court on which you play the game of life. On this court, I’d like you to draw a line down the middle dividing it into approximately two equal halves. Now from a birds eye view, it’s looking like a tennis court. On the left hand side, I’d...

Our Philosophy: Be. Do. Transform. 


Many of us think about the things we want in life and we try to work backwards from there. It doesn’t work that way. Those who achieve greatness start with a state of being: the mentality that they are great. They look at the ways that other leaders have behaved before they achieved the positions they are in today, and they act accordingly.


“Faith without works is dead.” You can have a deep desire to get great, you can believe, as many do, that you are already great, but only through action can you actually manifest anything. How do you create possibility in your life and then open yourself up to new ways of doing that change who you are. Doing the next right thing, putting one foot in front of the other, and opening up the doors on your fears are what get you to where you want to go. We’ll explore the habits of people who have gone from states of being to radical states of doing and what those actions actually look like on a daily basis.


None of us are born great. We get there through constant small and profound transformations. Only by shedding our past selves, changing our habits, our ways of being and doing do we see radical changes in our lives, our careers, and our relationships. Our goal is to show you transformation is possible and to help give you the tools to constantly transform in your own life.

Our Favorite Topics…

We talk about a lot of the big ticket items that come at us all in life, but some of our favorite topics and tools are as follows…

The Right Wrong Trap

Intention: Level 10 


Possibility Creation 

We’re here to help…

Struggling with business, life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? We’ve been there, and we’ve learned the mental modes, actions, and tactics to transform. We’re happy to share them with you 1:1 if you don’t get enough from our free content.